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The Pantiles Arcade is operated by The Hoard Limited a company to which Eric Knowles was invited to become Chairman in 2018 by the owner and founder.

Having formerly operated solely in the rarified atmosphere of television, auctioneering and the academia associated with antiques world, Eric is now coming to terms with the gentle art of retail.

The Pantiles Arcade is the vision of business owner Robert Woodmansey who had always expressed a desire to establish a more direct link with collectors and potential customers and build an Arcade of best of breed vendors that Tunbridge Wells can be proud of.


The Hoard Limited has traded to this juncture as an entirely on-line business. Initially the founder dealt primarily with antique drinking glasses, but our remit has diversified over time as new members of the team were appointed.

The operational side of the business was relocated to England by the founder in 2018. In 2020 we decided to make Tunbridge Wells our new home and wish to thank the Marquess of Abergavenny for providing the most elegant space for our emporium..

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