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Rona Cox

Rona’s interest in coins stems from her childhood love of collecting things, which I’m sure resonates with many of us ! As she developed an interest in history, however, her quarry changed from bottle caps and buttons, stamps and fossils to coins. 

These diminutive tokens are extraordinary artefacts, with their depictions of characters and events that are absolutely contemporary with who or what they illustrate, at whatever point in the dim and distant past that may have been. There’s also the added resonance of them having been held, cherished, spent – and quite possibly lost – by people who were also alive at that same time.

Rona’s entirely self-taught knowledge, and the diligence of her research skills, have led to her being made a Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society and member of the British Numismatic Society. We’re therefore very happy to defer to her expertise for all things numismatic.

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